Unleash your procurement operations and organizations


Forizons is able to assist you to answer most of the sourcing and purchasing questions such as:

  • « I wonder if my sourcing specialists and buyers are split between categories in the right way »

  • « I’m sure there is untapped savings potential but I need to find out where »

  • « We don’t have enough visibility on what our local buyers are buying and why »

  • « We spend a lot of time negotiating frame contracts only to find out people still get quotes »

Our Approach

We have developed a robust approach to answer to the most of challenges within a sourcing and purchasing organisation.

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Sourcing & Procurement

Multiple variables affect the procurement performance. Our solution tackles all of them.

List of features by use case and type of analysis

Case Study

CASE 1: For a world leading aircraft manufacturer, Forizons performed cost analysis to identify the root-causes of the overspent.

Cost saving was achieved by changing the purchasing pattern and behavior.

CASE 2: Forizons helped an FMCG manufacturer to review the supplier database and perform various analysis including spend and inventory coverage, activity based costing and more.

Forizons identified efficient sourcing opportunities and redesigned the processes to achieve cost reduction.



Cost saving reduction


Months payback period


Negotiation time reduction


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