Our "Cassandra"​ tool brings sourcing and costing analytics to let you decide fast and accurately

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

After having developed solutions for End-to-End Supply Chain or Activity-Based Costing modeling, Freelog is proud to present Cassandra focusing on the upstream of the Supply Chain. Cassandra is an analytical solution for costing and sourcing

Unlike a PLM which focuses solely on a product and an ERP which cannot integrate any exogenous data, Cassandra works out the exposition of your business to the variations of commodities, labor rates or currencies, and even in multiple tier schemes

This tool supports strategic sourcing with financial analysis as well as risk management which was previously only done occasionally with no standards across a company

Besides being able to manage multiple ERPs, Cassandra leverages a segmentation of products, commodities and geographies to analyze a heterogeneous portfolio with a high renewal rate without having to go through each individual product. This approach enables a complete overview of the catalog and a significant amount of time saved.

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 1
Multiple Data Source

The possibility to instantly aggregate the information at any level make it a tool used by the top management, finance as well as operations.

Available on the cloud, on-premises or off-line, this solution has already proven its value by analyzing billions of US dollars since 2015 in Europe, China and Australia

Exhibit 2

Cassandra Features


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Charly Limou is managing partner in Forizons Hong Kong office.