Freelog Consulting becomes Forizons

Paris - December 2017 1st, Freelog consulting, a consulting firm specialized in the end-to-end flow performance improvement, announces its change of brand and identity and becomes Forizons

During the last 18 years of experience, the company has experienced a constant growth, an increase of loyalty with it clients, an international deployment to support these clients but also to provide original services to regional Champions, or the development of digital practices…

Freelog Consulting was initially positioned in the industrial performance improvement in the logistic fields. The Company has then broadened its field of intervention to the participating functions in the flow value chain: purchasing, production, customer or supplier relationship, supply chain or service chain ...

In this context, it became necessary to align our brand with our services.

《 This corresponds to the expectation of our customers who know us at the forefront of many digital practices with an extended service offering. Freelog's semantics were no longer in line with our range of offerings, such as Strategic Sourcing, Lean Manufacturing or Flows digitalisation. We see the traditional world of business consulting at the dawn of profound change, in terms of how individuals and companies collaborate, or how to use innovations - especially digital》 explains Charly Limou, Partner at Forizons and in charge of Asia Pacific.

The choice of this new name, made “for good reasons” (sic), is about openness to new horizons, which we are convinced are expected by our markets:

· Ability to change things in more and more multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-skilled and multi-expert environments

· Ability to innovate in what is useful to our Clients, for example in data mining and its exploitation, to achieve results by facilitating change.

· And as a nod for logisticians, ability to manage strategic, tactical and operational stakes

《 Maintaining growth in a competitive environment means developing more and more relevant offers. We have undertaken to develop and industrialize our know-how - especially of costing engineering - in tooled methods for the end-to-end flow decision-making domains, using digital best practices» says Hervé Duparcq, Partner at Forizons and in charge of EMEA

Forizons restructures itself through 4 service offers:

1. Business Consulting: Master & improve your end-to-end flow performance

· Sourcing & Procurement

· Supply & Demand planning

· Transport & logistic

· Manufacturing

· Client / Supplier collaboration

2. Transition Management: Take in charge your Operations

· Crisis Management & Performance Recovery

· Transformation in the action

· Organization reinforcement

3. Skill transfer: Increase your Skills & knowledge

· Personal Training & Coaching

· Skill audits

· Recruitment support & training

· Expertise on Demand

4. Digital flow transformation: Enhance your End-to-End flow Performance with Digital

· Flow modeling & simulation

· Advanced Analytics & Visual Management

· Digital & connected solutions

« The world is changing, we are changing. We see exciting opportunities here. We are preparing our response to the changes we feel, especially in the access to the best resources to increase the international suitability "seniority - experience Versus value" expected by the Clients. We will have the opportunity to make announcements in this area soon » says Jean-François Michel, Partner at Forizons and in charge of Americas

About Forizons

Founded in 2000, forizons is a French based company recognized as one the leading consulting firms in end-to-end flow management.

Wherever you are, whatever the nature of your business, Forizons helps you to improve your end- to-end flow performance in Sourcing, Procurement, Logistics, Manufacturing and Supply Chain.

Our teams are experienced consultants focused on creating value for your business across many disciplines including Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, Energy and Transport, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics services and distribution.

Forizons commits to work with clients to achieve improvement performance through innovative methods and advanced tools.

We operate worldwide with multiple offices in France, USA, Brazil, Hong Kong and Australia


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