Forizons finished a SCM improvement project with Sonim, the leader in rugged mobile phones

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Sonim is a fast-growing US head-quartered company with inhouse production in Shenzhen, China. Both to increase the capabilities of the supply chain operations and to prepare for the IPO on Nasdaq (realized on May 10th, 2019), the China team worked with Forizons Hong Kong team.

In a short time frame we analysed their current supply chain, both strategy, processes, best practices and business rules in place, as well as KPI performance. By benchmarking them against a few competitors and by using Forizons in-depth knowledge of supply chains in Asia, a number of improvement opportunities were identified. Using Forizons method to set ‘Supply Chain Strategy’, a more refined supply chain strategy was developed based on assemble-to-order approach. Together with the very pragmatic, flexible and hard-working Sonim SCM team, a number of action plans were put together to resolve some key challenges and improve the supply chain performance.

So while the recent trade tariffs announced on May 10th most likely will impact them, we are sure that with the gain in SCM knowledge and maturity achieved by this project, their SCM team will be up to the challenge and find ways to mitigate the impact.