Forizons can help your organization to unlock the potential of IoT

IoT or ‘Internet of Things’ is changing the environment where people work and live. The concept is about connecting any device out there and enabling them to send and receive messages between each other and a central server. Such messages can contain status updates of the device (such as temperature, pressure, movement) and instructions to the device to perform an action.

IoT has become very popular the last few years and in many industries there is a lot of investment and innovation going on. However, many companies are not clear what IoT exactly can do for their business.

Forizons has signed strategic partnerships with IoT providers such as Sigfox and Ubudu. We thus have hands-on experience implementing IoT ‘smart tags’ and ‘smart sensors’ in various industries and have worked on various use cases such as asset monitoring, process optimization and predictive maintenance.

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