Brief presentation about Flow Value Model (FVM)

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

The Flow Value Model (FVM) is a decision support tool used to model & optimize supply chain networks and logistic operations. The FVM enables Forizons to model & size human resource workforce, material & IT equipment, surface & transportation cost on one or several facilities.

This tool is based on 20 years Forizons experience in end to end network design & complex logistic operation business cases. It can be used on international & local projects.

Several calculation modes are mixed:

- End to end logistic flow descriptions

- Analyze based costing on human workforce & material

- Density & stock policy for surface

- Trinomial actual price formula for transportation cost

This enable to insert multi-dimensional factors calculation & scenarios into one model.

The user interface, developed on Visio, enable a quick & clear modelization of facilities network & operations.

E2E Network set up

The FVM visualizations allows our customers to drill down cost & workload.

Global cost comparison

Network designs, Facilities crash test, saving calculations or simulation are ones of the FVM’s utilization cases.

Additional illustrations:

Logistics flows visualization

Surface utilization & availability visualizations

Manpower sizing

Workload drill down