Cash Improvement, Costs Reduction, Service level optimization


Forizons' Inventory Optimization methodology is developed to help your organization to improve the inventory performance. 

The activity involved in the methodology:

  • Parts performance monitoring

  • Parts segmentation and inventory optimization 

  • Forecast and planning optimization

Forizons’ inventory optimization methodology focuses on achieving the optimal balance between working capital, service levels and costs  based on our 20-year experiences and the Forizons’ experts in inventory management, maintenance and MRO optimization.

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Our Approach

Spare Parts Performance Monitoring

  • KPIs definition and setup

  • Spare parts KPIs dashboard

  • Service level monitoring

  • Decision making support

Spare Parts Segmentation and Inventory Optimization

  • Multi-criteria segmentation

  • Spare parts inventory screening

  • Stock ageing analysis

  • First level Inventory reduction


Forecast and Planning Optimization

  • Planning systems

  • Stocking policy

  • Supply Management rules

  • Stock collection design

  • Second level Inventory reduction plan

  • Technical and statistical second levels forecasting and plannin


Case Study


CASE 1: Forizons was assigned to lead a global spare parts inventory reduction plan for a helicopter manufacturer

Global spare parts inventory was reduced by 30% while maintaining service levels (for some subsidiaries service level increased by 5%)


CASE 2: Forizons helped a railway equipment man​ufacturer to reduce its spare parts inventory by 34% through advanced data analytics.



Service level optimisation


Inventory reduction


Logistics cost reduction


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