Performance improvement, Generate saving and Benchmarking


Warehouse operators often fail to realize their warehouses’ capability in maximizing the profits and improving the service level. While other market leaders in the industry are concerned about the sustainability of their current performance.

Forizons' Flash Diagnosis is a methodology to determine the current performance of the warehouse and identify the areas of potential improvements & savings of the logistics operations within your organization.

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The model, with the Forizons’ industry experts, will highlight the industry benchmark based on our extensive knowledge in the field.
The 5 Days Flash Diagnosis will focus on the people collaboration, on-site GEMBA walk, and data analysis to engineer the right solutions.
The transformation plan with clear priority will be created for the future roll-out.

Our Approach

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Short and sharp, Flash Diagnosis covers all critical points in a warehouse

The identified top improvements will be worked out for the plan of action

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Case Study

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CASE 1: Forizons was contracted by a 3PL to look into its’ warehouse with the objective either to improve the process flow and/or to optimize the current operations.

3 core but costly activities were optimized and gained savings in term of costs and space.

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CASE 2: Forizons helped a global manufacturer to diagnose the root cause of the warehouse inefficiency and to recommend quick win & long term solution to the operations.


Full set of detailed recommendation on identified problems were developed prioritized for the customer.




Root-cause identification


Follow-up cooperation


Costly activities optimized

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