With more than 10 nationalities within Freelog, intercultural environment didn’t only become a strong asset but also a deep part of our DNA.

Complex environment and projects we’re facing on a daily basis drive us to constantly look for people in line with our objectives.

I almost spent the last 8 years in different time zones abroad by dealing with clients and consultants with strong cultural differences I have to turn into advantages.

To me, our clients are the best ambassadors of the performance we deliver. This is exactly the same with our consultants, they are in a better position to testify about our intercultural environment.

Today, I want to share a quick interview with Sabrina Yang who joined Freelog (Hong Kong office) in 2016


Q: What drew you to Freelog?

Working for a French company and potentially relocate to France is what I have always been longing for. I met Charly by chance and since then I started to know Freelog. The firm provides terrific opportunities to solve complex business problems, drive changes and bring impacts to clients. Additionally, being a boutique consulting firm and having multi locations globally, Freelog will give me the chance to work with talented people all around the world, internally and externally.

Q: What is the most interesting part about your work?

The most interesting aspect of this job is the diversity. I have participated a Kingfisher costing project and worked with more than a hundred of stakeholders located in 4 economic zones. The project also witnessed my growth in project management and taught me how to handle intercultural communications.

 Q: How do you see intercultural skills at work?

For me, the intercultural skills at work is the ability to understand different cultural context and viewpoints, and be able to be open to new ideas and ways of thinking. As the company is growing internationally, it will be a key to unlock business potentials and work within diverse teams.

Q: How do you spend your free time outside of work?

I love traveling. I spend holidays and sometimes even weekends to backpack and discovery new places. Besides, being a big fan of movie, I spend quit a lot of my time watching movies. What I enjoy most are romantic love movie as well as thrilling movies, which can challenge me intellectually. To watch French movies and to understand French humor is another to-do item recently as I received a long list of French movies from my lovely team.

staff-charlyCharly Limou
Managing Director APAC