FREELOG - Bonne année 2017


2017 again a year of risks and opportunities:

  • Growing protectionism leading to bluechip’s adaptation, particularly in the United States or Great Britain / Europe.
  • Increasing migratory risks, both environmental and economic
  • Rising interest rates translating into higher levels of demand on expected returns
  • Increased market volatility

All these elements contribute to maintain instability. We must first increase our agility.

Our innovation in managing these risks remains a strong differentiation.

We also have the opportunity to participate in the development of new models of international collaboration that are more respectful of social and environmental expectations.

The Freelog Lab we created two years ago remains at the heart of innovation we wish to bring to our Customers.

If we progress rapidly in decision-making domains linked to “Big Data”, or machine learning, we still have to find breakthroughs in the transformation of collaborations, especially in the current unstable context.

So still a lot of exciting things in perspective to enhance your performance



Jean-François Michel, Freelog CEO