To sustain its growth and especially in Supply Chain analytics and simulation, Freelog is happy to announce the opening of a 7th office (the 3rd in France) in the heart of Lyon. It will be managed by Freelog EMEA Managing Partner Hervé Duparcq and FreelogLab Manager Frédéric Lemaire.


Why does this growth change the way we work?

With the tremendous amount of Data that analysts have to deal with, it is more important than ever that they use the proper tools available. Particularly because no data is ever formatted as you need it to be in the first place and raw data doesn’t lead to fast conclusions. But that’s what customers are looking for when they trust Freelog.

The logic is simple: at Freelog Consulting, every consultant is taught at their arrival how to use Tableau for Visualization and Data blending. And the FreelogLab goes further with some expert tools (3D simulation, stochastic modelling …) and acts as support for any additional data extraction, blending, cleaning, through Alteryx.

What is the purpose?

Those two solutions are complementary. On the one hand Alteryx enables data preparation as well as advanced analytics with an impressive ease of use and speed. On the other hand, Tableau provides interesting data visualizations useful for business intelligence and decision making.

How does it work?


From any database format, Alteryx enable us to clean, prep and analyse our data quickly and to automatize the process. Saving us lot of time on the preparation of data enables us to spend much more time on tailor-made solutions for our customers. Alteryx’s workflow can be used to run simple calculations as well as predictive analysis. It’s simple visual, drag and drop interface makes it easy to learn and understand. We do it interactively along with the operational stakeholders, the ones who know the data and the daily issues they face with it.


Once the database is imported, the analyst builds visualisations without having to write code (map, gantt, scatter plot etc.…). His consulting skills enable them to draw conclusions and identify outliers a lot faster. The real game changer is the instantaneous nature of changes. Updates in data means an updated dashboard (bye bye, powerpoint). And a C-suite executive wants a deep-dive or change an axis of analysis, we perform it live, shortening iteration loops.

A world recognition.

Both tools are well situated in the Magic Quadrant for business intelligence and analytics platforms reports. Magic Quadrant provides qualitative analysis into a market and its direction, maturity and participants. Tableau is 13-years old and considered as being on the forefront of data analysis whereas Alteryx is still considered as a visionary product after 10 years of existence. But more than Gartner position, we’re interested in how much and how fast we can implement very complex but user friendly solutions.



Of course, having a preference doesn’t mean we’re not open minded anymore. This is why FreelogLab and Freelog consultants are progressively extending their knowledge to other tools like Tibco Spotfire, Qlik View/Sense, SAS, Talend, etc, as more customers who already made a choice are asking for our support.

Some examples: Alteryx data workflow, and Visualization in Tableau.

Alteryx_Freelog1 Tableau_Freelog1


It is possible to merge heterogeneous data sources easily in Alteryx. Then in Tableau for instance, we can represent a company’s shipping cost through different point of views we are able to access easily to information we need. In addition to being clear and refined, Tableau offers the possibility to interact directly with the visualisation, to change filters, views. This gives us the possibility to display the perfect visualisation for any solution we need.

Based on those pieces of information revealed by Tableau, Freelog’s consultants are able to find new value in a variety of data, easily and swiftly. FreelogLab already supports our operations in Europe and Asia in in Aerospace, Retail, Railway, Logistics, and our growth matches with our customers’ enthusiasm for these topics.

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