On behalf of the Freelog group, I’m proud to announce that Freelog Hong Kong has been chosen as the most valuable European service provider in Hong Kong, justified by the following criteria:

1. Quality certifications of the Group, and its admirable growth results over the last few years.

2. Personal achievements, pioneering spirit, and contributions to the growth of our industry as recognized veteran consultants, especially in supply chain management.

3. Reputation/recognitions of Freelog in the following:
* Team’s proven expertise, and specialization in boosting industrial performance
* Brand’s innovation in consulting services, strong global network, and specialization in working with listed companies
* Company’s devotion to best business practices (transparency in services and pricing)
* Overall quality of your customer services

4. Freelog Consulting’s devotion to setting standards in the industry with stringent quality control measures.

Continue with the excellent work!



Charly Limou
Managing partner Freelog Hong Kong and Freelog Australia Pacific