Happy New Year 2016

Regarding 2016:

  • There is always uncertainty in the world, both from regional conflicts and terrorism or systemic economic crisis and risks.
  • Also, fortunately, there are many opportunities and innovations in the fields of: business development, positive environmental practices, collaborative business networks, and most importantly, leveraged by new technologies.

As for us at freelog, when developing our methods and tools to meet higher expectations for things like value establishment and transformation in ever shortening lead times, we consider:

  • Practices around Big Data analytics including micro / macro simulation, where knowledge and expertise are all critical elements to leverage technology and enable use of data.
  • Corporate diplomacy to overcome the usual transformation hurdles such as intercultural or collaborative barriers.

So there are many exciting things coming in 2016, giving new meaning to “Consultant” and we hope they will help us, help you to achieve your business goals.